About Sue & Sue’s Art

Sue Clyne is emerging as the UK’s leading Contemporary fantasy Artist. A natural artist with no formal training. Sue has been sketching and painting from the age of 3. She grew up in the Norfolk countryside surrounding Norwich – a breath of rolling hills and woodlands. Sue’s school books were littered with doodles and sketches in margins and on pages. Quite simply. Sue was and remains an intuitive artist.

Sue as taken her lead from a varied selection of great Artists including Josephine Wall and the late Susan Seddon Boulet and Salavador Dali. Alongside comes passion and persuasion obtained from Arthur Rackham.

Sue’s method involve looking and feeling a picture. Being open to change as a picture takes shape, she allows the work to flow. It is these qualities that take each artwork to an exploratory journey that can often reveal an inner sanctum. From Mother Nature itself, Sue portrays characters in animals , oceans, trees, clouds, and colour. The process begins from a view of something that could be earthy or captured midstream floating in the sky or on a distant horizon. The seed having sown is then taken forward patiently and starts to evolve from vision onto canvas. Her preferred medium is acrylic which brings a bold strong response. The abundance of colour enhances the energy that comes from within the artist herself and transfers consistently onto the canvas. As the subject matter creates a story, so the colour produces mood and music – the tonal light and shade is seen to dance confidently as the painting lifts from two to three dimension.

The responses to Sue’s art has been amazing. Children and adults find inquisitive messages within the stated images – something that Sue herself finds fascinating. There is also timeless quality regarding Sue’s art. Her work can often develop from a mystic world of Pagan and Wicca, dark fantasy and Celtic that travels down the road that has junctions with Native American and other cultural backdrops.

With an array of influences, Sue blends her craft with spiritual awareness and imagination, delivering superlative works that weave dreams into stories. It is a sensual combination with epic results.

And now Sue is attracting the attention of licensing companies to license her work on products. She has a fast growing base of followers and connoisseurs alike – just reward for years of hard work and perseverance, which is set to continue unabated.


By Ian Welland – Art Critique, Historian writer.

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