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DSC_0032 copyWelcome to Sue’s Mystical Minds …

The fascination for fantasy art, fairy gifts and mythological art, has grown greatly in recent times.

Many exponents of mystical artwork, using Acrylic’s and other mediums, and producing prints and Figurines to name but a few, have become famed for their works.

Fantasy artist Sue Clyne is based in Norfolk, UK and has been fascinated with Enchanted art, fairy art, fantasy art & fairy pictures since childhood. Her works featuring unicorns, magical spirits, the “art of faery”, magical creatures, dream paintings, mystical artist and spirits of dreams, Sue’s work has also been greatly influenced by characters from Celtic, Greek, Norse & Roman mythology.

Those who admire characters such as Luna, Nyx, Blodeuedd, Freyja, Brighid, Inanna, The Green Man, Morgana LeFey, The Morrigan etc, will enjoy the work of Sue Clyne. Admirer’s of pagan art, wiccan art, mermaid art, gothic art, dark fantasy art and Celtic art’s will also be drawn to Sue Clyne’s work for it’s unique style.

Among her leading influences are Susan Seddon Boulet the San Francisco Bay Area artist who died in 1997, and Brian Froud the creator of some of the greatest folklore and mythic artwork in recent times. Brian Froud is known by many for his much loved books including “Lady Cottington’s Pressed Faeries Book”.

Much of Sue’s artwork is with Acrylic which she feels offers a greater vibrancy of colour.

When visiting her online shop, you can choose from a selection of framed originals, high quality prints and beautiful greetings cards in various sizes.


Order now … My First Book.

It’s always been my Dream to have my Art in my own book, and always been my dream to paint – so it seemed right to call the book “Dreams of Art”.

With over 90 images of my Art taking you through the early stages to where I am now. With full colour pages of Art, you can’t help but be inspired!.

Sue also has a colouring book out for adults and children!, you can order this through the online Shop..

If you would like the book signed – Please leave a note.

I hope you enjoy my book and my Journey.

Best Wishes – Sue Xxx

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